3 different types of exercise to keep you moving!

22 Jul 2020
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Life is getting busier again now that COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to ease, but that doesn’t mean your health wellness goals need to fall by the wayside! 

As things start to pick back up, we are here to provide you with a reminder to keep moving and help stick to your fitness routine. Here are some great workout ideas that can be done in your local leisure centre, in the park with friends or in your backyard! 

Develop your Core 

Core exercises typically work your abdominal muscles. Your core muscles are deep within the abdominals and back, which also attach to your spine or pelvis. Your core muscles are the muscles that link your upper body and lower body together (Better Health, 2020).

By developing your core, it creates a solid foundation for all activities, training the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. Increased core strength also offers a wide range of benefits to anyone at any age, allowing you to more effectively complete your exercise routines, complete for everyday tasks, perform in the sport of your choice, and even decrease the risk of injury. 

Here are some Core exercises you can do in-Centre with us or in your own time:

  • Sit-ups – lie on your back and sit up to touch your chest to your knees  
  • Dead bugs – lie on your back with your knees in tabletop and slowly lower one leg out straight to the ground then back up into tabletop. Repeat and alternate legs 
  • Leg raises – lie on your back with your legs out straight on the ground, then lift your legs until you have a 45-degree angle in your hips and your feet are above your hips 
  • Plank – Rest your forearms on the floor, with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders, extend your legs out behind you and rest your toes on the floor. Your body should form one straight line from your shoulders to your heels.  


Cardiovascular (cardio) exercise is one type of activity that you can do anywhere! Cardo is fundamentally any movement that increases one’s heart rate to improve the body’s oxygen flow. 

Cardio can be a lower intensity or a higher intensity depending on your fitness level. Lower impact or intensity cardio typically includes activities, such as walking, cycling, swimming or rowing. Higher impact cardio that you can do include running or skipping. 

Performing cardio exercise is important as it slows down the body’s metabolism and affects its ability to regulate blood sugar and break down body fat. 

Here are some cardio-based exercises that you can perform outside, or in the gym/pool: 

  • Swimming or aqua classes  
  • Running – Road, trail, treadmill, or even water running 
  • Bike ride  
  • Stair climb – if you have stairs in your home doing a few laps of these at your own pace is a great way to get the heart rate up. 
  • High knees – lifting your knees in quick motion on the spot will also assist with raising your heart rate. 
  • Jumping jacks

Wellbeing Exercises 

Slow movement exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, and stretching also have brilliant benefits for both the body and the mind. Focusing on your body and mind for just 15 minutes a day can lead to a deeper understanding of your overall health and wellbeing. 

These exercises can have so many other health benefits such as improving strength and flexibility, correcting your posture, assists with reducing stress, can aid in better sleep, as well as improve your overall mindfulness. Some mindfulness activities include: 

  • Deep breathing activities  
  • Self-massage and stretching session  
  • Yoga or Pilates class at home or the studio  
  • Reformer Pilates  
  • Physio Sessions  
  • Massage Sessions  
  • Float Sessions  

Check out some fantastic cardio, core and wellbeing exercises and activities on your very own Home Fitness Network today here https://www.bhlg.com.au/home-fitness-network/, or enquire at our Centre today for more information on exercise options that will best suit you! 

*Please note, if you believe you have an underlying issue present, and/or your, please seek individualised expert advice from a health professional before completing physical activities.  

*Please follow your State COVID-19 restrictions while exercising.



Ps. Remember to keep checking our website blog and social media for some more health and wellbeing tips for you and the family!

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